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Ingénue/e Magazine, Summer 2023, Issue 40 review

It is Amy Armstrong’s second year in Rome. The vibrant city has captured her heart, but so has the handsome, enigmatic Davide, whose inexplicable absence after their whirlwind romance has left Amy bereft and insecure.

With his parting words, ’Remember my name’ etched indelibly on her heart, Amy has thrown herself into work, selling her original blends of spices from her stall in a local market, and volunteering at Largo Argentina cat sanctuary where she finds solace among her displaced felines.

Her loyalties are tested however, upon the arrival of Giorgio Bevacqua. Relaxed and easy going, Giorgio coaxes Amy little by little back into enjoying life in the city she calls home.

Around the same time as Giorgio’s appearance, a series of fatal attacks on Rome’s feral cat population is causing deep concern among the cat rescue community as well as those like Father Bruno of St Michael’s Church who cares for a small colony of cats. In the absence of any official action, Amy and her cat loving cohorts take matters into their own hands. Several brief sightings and near encounters confirm that they are closing in on their target but rather than encouraging Amy they throw up more questions, adding to her doubt and confusion.

Then, out of the blue, a phone call from Davide puts the proverbial cat among the pigeons. Was he coming back? What about Giorgio of whom Amy was becoming more and more fond? Who would the cat killer turn out to be and would he be brought to justice? More than ever before Amy needs the support and understanding of her close friends.

The sequel to Jennifer Pulling’s “If You Loved Me’, ‘Remember My Name’ revisits key themes, old enmities are ‘brought to the present and opportunities for resolution arise but questions still remain. Above all, the author has once again evoked the unique blend of classical traditions and architecture, modern café culture, Italian family values and fast paced living that is Rome, the Eternal City, a worthy background for this romancewhodunnit. More than ever, a spell in Rome is on my bucket list.