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    Stacey has come a long way from frumpy reporter to selfie queen. With her job on a popular chat show and romance with Dan, life couldn’t be better. An assignment with horribly disfigured Madeleine sets in motion events that will change all that. Burn victim Madeleine has written an acclaimed love story and soon Dan falls under the spell of the book and then its author. As Stacey struggles to cling on to the glamorous world she now inhabits, Dan discovers his real self belongs to a place where true love is the key and appearances are the least important.

    Monet's Angels Jennifer Pulling

    monet's angels

    A story of passion and intrigue, of two women drawn together by destiny. It is set in the last golden days before the First World War when a beautiful house and garden inspired some of the world’s greatest paintings. It is 1913 and the elderly Monet is fighting cataracts to create his Water Lily panels. Blanche, his stepdaughter, has renounced her considerable painting talent to support him. Into this orderly household, Judith arrives like a shooting star. Her reckless presence disturbs long buried memories until Blanche intervenes with tragic results.

    Monet's Shadow Jennifer Pulling

    monet's shadow

    It is 1937. Isabelle Goldstein, a beautiful young American, arrives in Normandy’s Giverny, determined to discover her mother’s secret. Monet’s stepdaughter, Blanche, feels threatened by these consequences of a past when her special relationship with her stepfather was undermined. She will do anything to prevent the secret coming to light, knowing it will destroy several lives. Old passions are revived until finally Blanche is reconciled to her ill-fated love affair. Expat American artist, Robert, triumphs in protecting Isabelle from romantic disaster, when once he failed Judith, her mother.

    If You Loved Me Jennifer Pulling

    if you loved me

    Caroline was a free spirit of the Sixties until her travels brought her to Rome where she fell disastrously in love with Marco. Years later her daughter Amy arrives in the city determined to unearth this tale of love and loss. Her quest takes her into a world of cats and eccentric cat ladies, long hidden family secrets and a perilous affair with mysterious Davide. A ginger cat called Leonardo provides the missing link in Caroline’s romantic story. Yet there is a surprise awaiting Amy that will change her destiny.

    Remember my name

    Amy is on a quest to discover a serial poisoner of Rome’s street cats. Her story becomes more complicated when she tries to forget her passion for the inexplicably absent Davide in favour of Giorgio. But several apparent sightings of her new lover in locations of cat deaths persuade her she may be exchanging one mystery for another. When surprising truths are revealed, Amy is faced with a life changing choice. Learning to love, whatever the odds, can be hard and we pay dearly for it.
    Remember My Name is the sequel to If You Loved Me.

    Monet's Shadow Jennifer Pulling

    the great sicilian cat rescue

    Set against the beautiful and sinister backdrop of Sicily and its enigmatic people, the book chart’s Jennifer’s journey as a passionate defender of the island’s often abused cats. With no previous experience, she raises funds and organises teams of British, American And German vets to work in improvised surgeries. On her voyage of discovery she encounters the gattare (cat ladies). She challenges Italian bureaucracy and she discovers an unknown Sicily, gaining an understanding of the island’s history of domination by numerous cultures and the Mafia.

    If You Loved Me Jennifer Pulling


    Featuring more than 50 species from around the world, displaying their sheer variety, beauty and playfulness. Gorgeous felines are brought to life with an innovative paper design that allows you to press each illustration out of the page, and so transform your book into a work of art. Beautiful photography is accompanied by a lyrical and expertly written text by cat expert Jennifer Pulling, describing the characteristics and quirks of these much-loved pets. From the chatty Siamese to the gentle giant Maine Coon, the lovable Korat to the weird and wonderful Lykoi-werewolf cat: every breed in this book has something special to offer.

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