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Perhaps it is because I'm left handed thst I find it much easier to inhabit the right side of my brain. I shrink from the down to earth filling in forms or reading instructions. This tendency has extended to my writing and my attitude to structure. I've always been a panster, allowing my characters to 'tell' me what happens next. The problem with this method is, if they suudenly decide to take a break, one is left panicking. So when two people who know what they're talking about mentioned 'structure' I decided to look into it. 

Most books on your bookshelf will have a well-plotted narrative structure.  Why have I shied away from using story structure? I suppose I believed, mistakenly as it turns out, that it was too rigid or predictable.  But it’s merely a blueprint, not the story itself. It charts the major moments of conflict that give a story shape, but still keep the flexibility required for unique storytelling.

Today I’ve been working on the initial point of Act one The Hook, which captivates readers by introducing the protagonist and teasing the story’s conflict The Hook is the first scene or sequence in your novel, designed specifically to captivate readers. To be effective, a hook must do three things:

  • Introduce the protagonist.
  • Establish the protagonist's everyday life.
  • Show the protagonist dealing with an everyday conflict.sculpture-5352872_1280fairytale-4886293_1920

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