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At a time when many of us long to travel, myJenniferPulling[Book]-2 latest book conjures the sights, sounds and flavours of Rome, transporting you to places only the locals know.

            In If You Loved Me-A story of love, loss and a cat called Leonardo Amy comes to Rome to sell the apartment bequeathed to her mother by Marco Giordano. But a sense of connection causes her to change her plans and stay on. This decision will define her life as she falls in love with the ancient city and the enigmatic Davide. She enters a world of cats and eccentric cat ladies and long hidden family secrets as the tale of her mother’s youthful romance unfolds. 

The story evolves through a subtle pay of shadows cast by decisions taken and those avoided. Caroline and Marco’s love is threatened by his narcissistic and unyielding mother and the joy of their early days is clouded. Amy, in the present, is troubled by the mysterious nature of Davide’s career and his extended trips to Naples. Through her calls home we meet Caroline as forceful mother, determining Amy to forge her own path, for better or worse. She considers her dilemma when she is asked by her friend, Paolo: ‘what are you willing to lose if you stay here?’ Yet there is a surprise awaiting that will change Amy’s destiny.

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