Beating Writers' Block

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Are you one to make the usual New Year resolutions…to eat more healthily, exercise cut down on the vino?  But what about the writing muscle? Dare I say it might have become a little lax during  all the Christmas festivities? And are you finding it difficult to exercise it again? Author Natalie Goldberg didn’t believe in writer’s block. Her advice was to just pick up a pen and write.  For those who’d like a little help to tap back into the flow of writing, here are a few tips.

 selina-thomas-abLzJ6QXN20-unsplash1.) Step away from whatever you’re writing and do anything that's creative: Paint pictures, write poetry, make a collage, or if you’re male, build something in the garage. Work on another creative project for a few hours or days and then go back to writing. Jumping to other projects really activates creativity. The key is to keep exercising the creative part of your brain.

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