Most writers I know are aware of the little black devil who sits on your shoulder and tells you what you've just written is no good. So how to defeat him? We need to

conjure that dreamlike, imaginative side of our brain that writes without judgement. One way of developing this is the morning page. Before you do snything else in the

morning, sit with paper and pen and write. Write whatever comes into your head without stopping to question its worth. After all, nobody's going to see what you write

except you. It may look to you  like nonsense sometimes but if you cultivate this habit asnd keep at it, you will discover, looking back on your pages, that ideas have emerged,ones you can develop. 

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Unleash your imagination at one of my forthcoming workshops, beginners welcome, I take an organic approach which encourages the writer to sift through experience and allow it to compost in the imagination.... read more