They say cats choose us and not the other weay round. I think this story illustrates that. 

A pregnant ginger cat walked up to a young man who wasn't very fond of cats, but she snuggled up to him and insisted that he take her home.

The friendly stray cat came across a couple and immediately took a liking to the young man. She followed him around, rubbing his legs and wouldn't let him go.

"She was very chatty and friendly, I told my boyfriend it was meant to be because they were both gingers’ he said.

The man realized that the cat had chosen him and wouldn't take no for an answer, so he gently picked her up and placed her in his car.

One day later, she gave birth to four very tiny kittens. The young mother was no more than six months old, and soon they realised that she couldn't produce milk and the kittens weren't looking good.

They tried to bottle feed the babies but due to illness they didn't survive.

The kitty later received life-saving surgery. If it weren't for the couple, the ginger cat might have had the same fate as her babies. After the surgery, she was finally on the mend.

They named her Sunny Bunny Sausage, and the ginger girl crept her way into their hearts. That day, they made her a permanent part of their family.

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