Last winter, I had an SOS message from Elke. (the German lady who lives in Sicily and cares for over 100 cats) She had just heard that a cst loving lady had died, leaving behind a dog and 30 cats. She wrote to me:

‘I put dry-food and wet-food in my car, went there and rang the bell, in spite of people telling me not to go, because they think that the son is strange. He came out and I talked nicely to him for an hour. He is very shy, but was extremely happy that I came and brought the cat food. He has no job, but had just enough food for that weekend. But it is a super-sad situation. There are 8 females to be neutered and the animals need food for the winter. I am sorry to ask you if somebody can offer some money for this case, otherwise all these beautiful cats and the dog are risking to die over the winter.’

Fortunately, I had enough funds in my Catsnip account to be able to help with the food and to have the females neutered. They have now been moved to Elke’s property to swell the numbes of her other 40 resident cats.

Until this spring, I hsve been working hard on my book The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue which tells the story of the years I have spent on my project Cstsnip trying to alleviate the huge problem in Sicily. There are lots of stories of the cats we have helped.This will be published by John Blake, in June. I am hopeful it may raise awareness of these felines need and encourage more people to see them as sentient beings.

The number of tourists who contacted me, last summer, underlined a common problem. They might have found a cat in distress and wanted to help it, but they didn’t have the means of catching it in order to take it to ‘my’ vet Doctor Oscar La Manna. This week, I contacted my supplier of humane cat traps, Metalcote ,and spoke to the lovely Catherine. I am sending a trap to Sicily for Oscar to have in his surgery and which tourists will be able to borrow. I thoroughly recommend the Metalcote products. They are UK manufactured and very strong and durable, essential if you are interested in helping these felines. They make excellent cat carriers too.

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